12 years and 7 months ago, as newlyweds, my husband and I stood at a 4 way crossing in the middle of sky scrappers in NYC looking for the world trade center. A man came up to us because he could obviously tell we were not from NY and were somewhat lost, and asked us what we were trying to find. We told him we were looking for the world trade center (not knowing at all what it looked like) and he laughed in his very thick New York accent and said, "Are ya kiddin' me??? Yah standin' right in fronuh it! Look up!!" How embarrassing. We laughed with him! We walked into one building, saw it's enormity, and said, "We'll have to come back and visit here next time, there's no way we have time to see this place today..." We couldn't even figure out the elevator system. So, we went to Ellis Island and, while taking photos of the immigrant wall where my great great grandfather's name is listed, we snapped a picture of the buildings in the distance, planning to go see them again on our next visit to NYC. They weren't nearly as hard to find from this perspective. 7 months later they came crashing down with many precious souls inside of them. The length to which evil and hatred will go knows no bounds. What a sad day that was, as well as the weeks and months to follow. God bless those families that were touched by such ugliness. We won't get a second chance to visit that place as it was. Never take for granted anything. Opportunities and people are a gift promised to us but for only a moment. Seize the day or lose it. Leave people with love; you never know whether you will see them again. <3