Today I sat on our sofa, in the quiet, as a very dear friend of mine slept quietly beside me.  She has been a very dear friend for the last 10 years and as of late, don't tell her I told you this but, she has really been showing her age.  Her hair is turning grey and she can't get around quite like she used to but she tries and never complains.  I have noticed a little limp when she walks and I am wondering if she may need to visit a doctor.  I fear I take my friend for granted at times, not always showing her as much attention as she has shown me.  She's quiet-natured for the most part.  She doesn't demand much out of me but when I need her she is always there for me.  She's always willing to help me out if she can.  Only lately, as she has gotten older, have I noticed moments when she "ignores" me, but it's alright because I know how much she loves me.  She's always with me, never far away.  She never argues or even disagrees much.  I guess that's just her nature.  Wish I could be more like her, as good a friend as she is to me.  She's the best listener I've ever known; never speaks over me or competes for attention.  She just listens.  She'd listen for hours if I needed.  She doesn't care much to be the life of the party; she just doesn't care about things like that.  She is content being who she is and that is enough for her.  No matter how often I need a hug she is right there ready and willing.  She is my little 1 foot tall unsung friend, my little jack russell, snickerz.  I hate to see her growing old.  The only friend I will ever have that has been younger than me and now older than me in the span of her life.  She can't quite get up on the bed anymore, doesn't even try now.  She got up on the bed for awhile but couldn't jump down.  I would hear her whimpering from the back bedroom, waiting for me to come and pick her up and let her down gently.  She is even finding it difficult to jump up on the loveseat.  Lately, I find her laying across the floor in a warm ray of sunlight as it sinks in through the window pane.  Where ever I am, she will be at least three feet away, laying by my feet and keeping watch, unless she is asleep which she does a lot of lately too.  When I call, she comes running.  Even after she has been reprimanded, which is rare now in her old age, she immediately warms up and wags her bottom end at the sound of me sweetly calling out of her name.  It is hard to find a friend like her.  I hate to know that one day, not so long in the future, she is going to leave me.  She's been around longer than my children have been alive.  She has been with us during our happiest and saddest moments.  She was here when the bills were hard to pay and she was here when the babies came into our world and took over.  When her departure comes, I know it will be one very sad day for us all.  One of US will be gone.  Those who have never had a friend last as long can't really understand I suppose, but I call myself blessed to have had her as my friend for so long.  So, to my unsung little friend, you're one of the best friend I have ever had and I love you bunches.