Good morning from foggy, wet,and cold North Carolina!  We've had a couple of weeks of clouds and rain lately, I almost thought I was living in Seattle.  I don't think I could make it there, I need at least 80% sunshine to thrive. :-)  It has been one of those Monday mornings, those with children can relate.  The house is a weekend mess, one child's room is a disaster and I have already asked her to pick it up some about 5 times.  She seems to be intentionally taking her time, knowing the time will soon run out I suppose.  So I told her there will be no friends over to play today and no allowance if I had to mention it agan, with what time she had left she gained momentum almost miraculously.  While I am wrangling with one the younger of my two comes running into the room crying holding her ear.  Oh no!  Not another ear infection, I thought we had this figured out finally.  No, wait, her ear ring had fallen out.  No big deal right?  With this child it can't be that simple, something is up.  Ah yes, it apparently fell out before just now because the whole has begun to close back up AND appears to be a little, well, not pretty.  Great!  She got her ears pierced about 8 weeks ago so changing her earrings out is a new world for us.  We've done it only once or twice.  So after playing surgeon for the youngest and finally getting some earrings in her clean ears that can stay put for awhile I walk by my oldest daughters room and, no it's not done, but I won't complain because atleast my little slug is awake. ;-)  And so off to school they go and home again for me.  Now the coffee pot is raging and here we are.  All in all it was a great weekend, my football team is going to the Super Bowl, we are having friends over to watch it with us (for their sake I hope my team wins), and the taxes are done.  Until the sun breaks the fog away, hope you all have a great Monday morning where ever you may be.