US Mystery Shopping

by Julie Branstetter, Th.B. Mystery shopping is something I sometimes do to make a little extra money. I have been working from home in various ways over the last 12 years. Secret shopping has been and still is something people ask me how they can get involved in, some for fun, others out of the need for a little bit of extra income. Since I have compiled a great deal of information over the years learning this myself I decided to share the information here. It is easier to refer people to the links on this page than try to explain it over and over. First read the two links on the right side about how to get started mystery shopping and the supplies you'll need to get started. You probably already have them. Look through the directory of companies who will contract you to mystery shop for them. (They are free too) Set aside about 3-4 weeks and work through each link in the directory, signing up for each company, and begin to receive offers for shops in your email inbox almost immediately. The more companies you sign up for, the more databases you'll be in and the more offers you'll have to choose from. This is good for you so sign up for as many as you can find and keep records of your usernames and passwords for each company website. All this will be included in the links to the right. Read those first. Everything you need to know to get started at mystery shopping in your area is here.
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