Wow, ever heard of a snow drift?  Ever had one inside of your house?  Well, it is official, the spring is here and she came in covered with pollen.  I made a pitcher of tea last night after dinner and left it sitting on the counter to seep overnight.  when I woke up this morning and moved the pitcher, I found a tiny little pollen drift along the bottom edge of the pitcher.  The pitcher was next to the side entrance of the house which is completely under the cover of our very unloved long row of pine trees.  Apparently opening and shutting the door in less than 24 hours caused a collection of pollen beneath the pitcher of tea.  Wow, I've just never seen that before.  This is supposed to be a voracious allergy season because we had such a mild winter and the pollen is popping out as our first evidence of it.  I sincerely hope the mosquitoes will not be the next bite on the way.  So for those of you who may not understand our dilemma with the pollen here in the south this time of year, I snapped a picture of the culprit as it hangs over my doorstep to share with you.  Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you may be!