The Supplies You Will Need to Mystery Shop:

  • Telephone
  • Internet access
  • Email
  • Access to a Scanner or Cell Phone (Capable of Taking and Emailing Clear Photos of Receipts)
  • Printer  
  • Timing Device (Watch with hands or digital watch capable of recording seconds) 
  • Work Log (Free basic Excel log is provided below or you may create your own system.) 
  • Filing System (Recommended - small cabinet or box)

A Mystery Shopper Work Log Will Help You Keep Track:

  • of when your next assignments are due, who the assignment is due to and where they are located.
  • of assignments you have to complete and that have been completed
  • of how much you've been paid throughout the year (for taxes)
  • of payment amounts due to you, when they are due and who owes them to you. 
  • of usernames and passwords for all companies sights you work for. You will have to log into their websites to turn in your reports. 
  • of companies that offer message boards with job offers listed on them.
Download the Mystery Shopping Work Log:
Click on the following link to download the basic work log I have used for close to 10 years.  You can purchase other programs online as well.  This form does all the work I have ever needed it to do and it is free for you to use. Once you have opened this file save it in your computer.  You will notice I have included a formulated "year to date" section which will help give you an overview of how you are doing through out the year.  The 'totals section' keeps track of your expenses, how much revenue you have received to date, how much your expected revenue is based on the work you have done already, and how much your actual revenues (profits) have been to date.  All you've to do now is download the file and start filling out applications online.  in 2-3 weeks you will be able to start picking job offers from your inbox and mystery shopping. 

 Type It In Pro (recommendation)
It is not required but I would recommend you download the program Type It In Pro.  It costs a one-time fee of $19.95 if you choose to download it. I bought it to make filling out many applications much quicker and easier in the beginning but found it to be useful for many other online forms over the years.  Basically the way it works is you set up buttons in it for every kind of similar question you are asked in online forms.  The program floats in a small window on your screen while filing out forms and you click on the field you want to fill in the blank for and then the button and it fills the field in for you.  It can fill in an entire paragraph of information for you.  Toggling between your tab key and the buttons you use you could run right through applications filling in all sorts of information over and over.  Most applications ask the same things and some of them ask for you to explain why you want to be a mystery shopper so some of the fields require more than just a couple of words and some thought.  After you've done it once, it only seems reasonable that you should have a way to easily paste that same information in over and over.  With Type It In Pro you can.  You will probably end up applying (filling out forms) for 200 companies online.  The easier and quicker the better, however, you don't have to have it.  One other option is to start a regular word processing document
and type your questions and answer into it to use in copying and pasting along your way through the applications. 

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