Welcome to my collection of mystery shopping companies and website links! 

This is where you begin to fill out online applications to mystery shop.  You must go to each website and fill out the application online to mystery shop for each company.  They will give you a log in username and password for every individual site.  Use the second spread sheet in the work log I provided you to keep up with the website addresses of these companies, your usernames and your passwords.  This log will become your go to place to log in and request some shops from their own message boards.  Again, you will probably want to download a form filler program like the one I mentioned on a previous mystery shopping info page to fill these applications out quickly.  You can download some free form fillers online but I haven't used them and some of them have low ratings.  I have used Type It In Pro so that is my recommendation.  It isn't free but you'll find it useful for many other online forms as well.  Start filling out applications and in a couple of weeks you will already begin to see job offers in your email inbox.  You may want to create a free email account to use only for mystery shopping.  That will help you keep your MS work separate from your personal email inbox and help maintain the amount to clutter you see in your email from day to day.  Well, you are all set, so have fun shopping!

Companies A-H

Ace Mystery Shopping

A Closer Look

A Customer's Point of View



Amusement Advantage

Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.

Archon Development

Apartment Shoppe

A Step Above

A Top Shop

At Your Service Marketing

Apollo Bare International

Informa Research

BDS Marketing

Best Mark


BLD Scheduling Services

California Marketing Specialists (Sassie Module)

Campus Consulting

Capstone Research

Market Force

Check Mark *

Check Up Marketing *

Cirrus Marketing

CKA Group, Inc.

Classic Demos

Client First Associates

Coast to Coast Scheduling Services

Confero *

Consumer Connection

Consumer Impressions Inc.

Consumer Opinion Services

Consumer Research Group

Corporate Research Group

Corporate Research International *

Count On Us

Coyle Hospitality Group *

Courtesy Counts / ATH Power Consulting Group

Creative Image Associates

Critique International

Cross Financial Grp

Customer 1st *

Customer Perspective

Customer Service Experts

Customer Service Perception

Customer Service Profiles   (Apply through contact link)

CV Marketing Research

Data Quest

David Sparks & Associates *

Devon Hill Associates   (Apply through contact info)

Douglas Stafford

DSG Mystery Shopper 

Expert Shopping Pros

Feedback Plus

Focus on Service

Franchise Compliance, Inc.

Full Scope Mystery Shopping

Get Creative Marketing

Golden Resources Marketing Group

Graymark Security Group

Greet America

Hauser Group

Hidden Concepts


Hilli Dunlap Enterprises, Inc.

Howard Services/Service Sleuths

HR & Associates

Companies I-Z

ICC/Decision Services *




Instant Reply



JC and Associates

JKS Inc.

J.M. Ridgeway Company

Ken-Rich Retail Group

Kinesis-CEM *

LeBlanc & Associates

Lowe's Cineplex

Management Consultant Group, LLC.

Maritz Research *

Marketing Endeavors, LLC

Marketing Systems

Market View Point

Market Watch

Mars Surveys

Mass Connections

MCG Retail

Mercantile Systems

Merchandise Concepts 

Michelson & Associates

Mystery Guest Inc.  

Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shopping Solutions, Inc. 


Mystique Shopper

National Shopping Service Network

Nationwide Services Group, Inc. (NSG)

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants

Olchak Market Research

Pacific Research Group. 

The Pat Henry Group 

The Performance Edge

Person to Person Quality

Pinkerton Field Research Services 

PMR Research 

Precision Research

Professional Review *

Promotion Network, Inc.

Pulse Back

Quality Assurance Consultants

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers

Quality Marketing

Quality Service Inspections

Quality Works Associates 

Quest for Best Mystery Shoppers

Reality Check Mystery Shoppers 

Restaurant Evaluators

Rickie Kruh Research & Marketing Group

Ritter and Associates

Rocky Mountain Merchandising

RQA, Inc.

Satisfaction Services 

Second to None

Service Evaluation Concepts

Secret Shopping Services

Secret ShopNet/Experience Exchange *

Secret Shopping Company

Sensors Quality Management

Service Alliance 

Service Check *

Service Impressions

Service Performance Group

Service Probe

Service Quality

Service Research Corp.

Service Sense

SG Marketing Group

Shop N Check International/Market Force*

Shoppers' Critique International

Shoppers Inc

Signature, Inc.

Sinclair Mystery Shopping 

Skilcheck Service

The Solomon Group *

Southwest Mystery Shoppers, Inc

Sneak Peak MS

Spies in Disguise


Taylor Research


Texas Shoppers Network

The Blackstone Research Grp

The Leadership Factor Ltd 

The NPD Group

The TNS System/Mystery Clicks *

Trend Source

Video Eyes

Walmart (San Francisco Bay Area)

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