In prayer I asked God why He lets me be humiliated in front of people so much.  (Sorry, but sometimes I feel like the biggest mess up in the room because I am) and I told Him I would follow Him and do whatever He asked of me but please please don't let me keep being humiliated... His response..."My greatest ministry for my children required my complete humiliation. Can you imagine having all the power in the world to end it but having to endure it anyway for your sake? Don't think it will be different for you if you are following Me.  But we are in stride together and it will be worth it.  The sooner you accept it for what it really is, it will be worth it".  >>>>  Accepting a call to ministry is both an honor and an act of earthly insanity.  You are following Christ, walking in His very footsteps, so you are being asked to give up your whole life for people who will love you one second and turn on you the next, who will break your heart, and let you down and this is all it will ever be.  No delusion of grandeur, no spotlights, no accolades.  You might get some, but you better not expect them.  And all of this, you will do with the hope that in the end THEY might LIVE because there is nothing in it for you at all outside of the honor of having suffered with Christ at His call.  If sitting at His feet doesn't bring tears and if walking in His steps doesn't bring pain then you might not be low enough or quite in stride with Him just yet.  Even Mary was despised and accused when she was at His feet.