Would you rather be the hungry person sitting under a tree when the apple falls or the person who climbs the tree and shakes the apples down into the hands of the hungry. The one who shakes the apples down has all he needs to start with. He's already in the tree with the apples.... Climb the tree, don't just sit under it. 

It is an attack of the enemy to make people think too much about what they don't have and not enough about the wonderful things they do have. Where ever satan can plant seeds of 'want' he will do it because 'want' brings about the very opposite of thankfulness and thankfulness is only the beginning of great blessings. 'Want' gives birth to envy, ingratitude and resentment. 'Want' sets the devourer loose and will cause a person to cling to the very things designed to be released. Cast down those thoughts of 'want' and turn your eyes and mind and heart to all the blessings God has yet placed in your life. Celebrate those things you have, those people who are with you. Don't think about those who have left, don't worry about what someone else has that you don't. Look at what you have, look at what you are good at, look at those who love you. That's how you take a little and make more with it. Blessings are designed to reproduce so look at those things. Every blessing the Lord has ever given to me (internally, personally or externally) was for others. I was first blessed but they were never designed to just die there with me. When blessings are appropriated they multiply and you will always be the first benefactor. ‪#‎celebratethegood‬ ‪#‎letthebadfallbehind‬ ‪#‎testify‬ ‪#‎share‬ ‪#‎beablessing‬