I recently started taking Silver Biotics for a sore throat.  The pain in my throat bothered me for about a week and after only one day of Silver Biotics, the sore throat disappeared.  It has been a week and it has never come back so I consider this to be a success.  I have been taking a little bit each day for maintenance health.  We had a Super Bowl party and had a few friends over last Sunday.  During the party one person had a cold and after the party three new people had come down with a cold.  (That is all I have heard about)  Two of those three people were myself and my husband.  The reason I mention this is that I have been taking Silver Biotics and my husband has not.  His cold is much worse than mine.  I am dealing with mine fairly easily, but he went to bed hours ago not feeling well at all.  I also count this as a success story. :)