I have had a very sorefor about a week and I decided to order the Silver Biotics because even though my youngest daughter's fever had gone away her ears were still bothering her (undoubtedly another ear infection....or the same one and we just couldn't get rid of it...anyway..)She has this habit of getting a fever for a few days, then the fever goes away and about 4 days later she has a full blown awful ear infection with a inconsistent fever.  So I ordered it because I found it on sale at a vitamin store for 50% off and I just had to see if it works as good as its ratings say it does. I received it yesterday by ups.  My throat was still sore and hurting after 5 days so I took the maximum dosage throughout the day yesterday (1 tsp, 3 times a day). I woke up this morning with absolutely no pain in my throat. I have swallowed hard all morning to see if it would come back or if I could feel anything at all and there is absolutely nothing.  I am completely well.  Through out the day yesterday I could feel something was happening, but it was still hurting a little so I figured (like most of the posts others have put online about it) it would take 2-3 days.  Even the typical antibiotic doesn't show effective until after about 3 days.  To say, "I'm amazed" would be an understatement!  The research on Silver Biotics is amazing.  You can buy it at the health food store, but I would really recommend a vitamin store online because you can get a lot more for the same price or cheaper.  I bought mine from Vitacost.com.   It is so safe you can use it as ear drops for kids and heal otitis media (ear infections). It is an electrically engineered nano particle of silver (not colloidal or ionic). It attracts bacterial infection and virus' to the particle and causes them to burst which causes them to cease replicating and essentially kills it.  It is like having an antibiotic over the counter with NO side effects at all, and it works better because you can't become immune to it, it strengthens your immune system and it doesn't cause virus to mutate or make different strands of virus'.  I also does not kill healthy bacteria flora.  The reviews on it is what clinched it for me. EVERYONE who takes it swears by it and has been taking it for years. Whole families take it and there is always a 5 star rating on it no matter what website I have researched it on. You can use it for things like ear infections, the flu, colds, food poisoning... It has been successfully used in treating malaria, bubonic plague (yes that still exist), staph, MRSA, the list goes on... Here is a link if you are interested.  Check out this link for all the problems it can be used for and here is where I bought mine.