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by Julie Branstetter, Th.B. Good health and exercise have become more and more of an interest of mine. Heart disease is a huge problem for both women and men these days. Sometimes it can be related to congenital heart defects but other times, with good eating, drinking and exercise habits it can be avoided. As time goes on our metabolisms change. Having children, a busy schedule, and eating habits that aren't so great contribute to one's health and exercise taking a dive. So I plan to share as much as I can about good health and exercise habits, including tips on healthy weight loss and alternative herbal medicines that work. Some posts on pitfalls to avoid will help to keep us on the right track. Our health has to be a high priority if we plan to be effective in anyway. I'm not a doctor, I'm simply sharing my experiences in my blog. You should always do your own research and check with your doctor before making changes in your health practices. Guest posting is always welcomed.

8 Reasons to Eat & Freeze Blueberries!

October 2, 2014
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26 August, 2014

I found this article to be very useful for those who are looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle.  This is great information!

8 Reasons To Eat Blueberries and Why You Should Freeze Them! Just when you thought that the health benefits of blueberries couldn't be any more plentiful, new research has found that freezing the superfood actually increases the berry's nutritional content. Graduate student Marin Plumb, a food science major at South Dakota State University, found that frozen blueberries are equally nutritious as fresh blueberries, even after six months of freezing.

Plumb's experiment involved observing antioxidant levels in blueberries frozen for one, three and five months. After comparing the antioxidant content of frozen berries to fresh berries, she found no decrease in the nutritional value of the frozen berries. In fact, Plumb noted that freezing actually increased the anthocyanin concentration.

"The ice crystals that form during freezing disrupt the structure of the plant tissue, making the anthocyanins more available," Plumb explained. Anthocyanins are a group of antioxidant compounds that provide various systems in the human body with protection.

Blueberries May Be The World's Healthiest Food...

"Blueberries go head to head with strawberries and pomegranates in antioxidant capacity," said Plumb's research adviser, professor Basil Dalaly, who teaches a course on phytochemicals, the naturally occurring chemical compounds in fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to eating healthy foods, "the greener or redder, the better," added Dalaly.

It's no coincidence that people associate bright color with nutrition. Anthocyanin, which works wonders in our bodies, is also the colorful pigment that gives many foods their color.

Organic Blueberries Have Higher Nutritional Content Than Conventional Berries...

Don't believe industry studies that claim organic food is equal in nutrition to conventional; it's simply not true.

A study directly compared the total antioxidant capacity of organically grown versus non-organically grown blueberries and found that the organic blueberries had significantly higher concentrations of phenol antioxidants and total anthocyanin antioxidants than conventional berries.

Below Are 8 Reasons To Consume Blueberries Daily

1. Improving Memory/Motor Function

One study found that older adults (average age 76) fed blueberries daily for 12 weeks (2-2.5 cups per day) performed better on two different cognitive function tests, which included memory, than those who hadn't consumed the superfood.

2. Eye Protection

Blueberries have been proven to protect the retina from unwanted sunlight and oxygen damage.

3. Heart

Consuming blueberries significantly lowers your risk of developing heart disease by regulating and relaxing arterial elasticity in the vascular wall. They also improve blood flow.

4. Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia

Anthocyanin improves memory and mental fluidity, and can help protect against brain cell loss. Blueberries also stimulate nerve cell growth and facilitate better communication between nerve cell processes, in turn slowing the aging process.

5. Digestion

Blueberries offer antioxidant protection of the digestive tract by combating free radicals, some of which can cause cancer. This superfood plays a significant role in combating colon cancer.

6. Protection From Toxic Heavy Metals

Romanian chemists from the University of Bucharest discovered that blueberries protect against heavy metals. Blueberry extract created a force field that acted as a barrier against cadmium, protecting cells from toxic heavy metal damage.

7. Blood Sugar

Blueberries have a favorable impact on blood sugar, even for diabetics. Those who consumed at least three servings of blueberries a day saw significant improvement in their regulation of blood sugar.

8. Nervous System

Blueberries contain a range of different antioxidants, all of which are beneficial to the human body. This range of nutrients provides nerve cells with protection from oxygen damage. Nerve cells are persistently at risk for oxygen damage, thus requiring continuous protection.

Blueberries are one of our body's greatest allies. Their ability to eliminate free radicals protects us from every day exposure to various forms of pollution, including pesticides, sun exposure and heavy metals.

17 Steps to Happy & Healthy

September 3, 2014

The #1 New Year’s Resolution year after year always has something to do with losing weight or trying on a healthier lifestyle.  Some are successful and many just barely make it out of the gate.  I have spent the last few years collecting better health habits that are not only easy to start but easy to stick with so here are some tips for a successful new start towards a healthier and happier you.


1.  Drink MORE Water.  You don't have to stop drinking soda or coffee, but if yo...

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July 18, 2012

Okay, calm down calm down!  I drink a soda too every now and again, but I saw this and it reminded me of something I wanted to post about here.  I'm not telling anyone they should never ever drink soda, even though cutting soda out completely would be MOST helpful to everyone's health, but I would like to say that the rate at which people drink soda today is alarming and I truly believe it has a great deal to do with the rise in cancer today, especially in women.  Nearly every single woman I ...
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'Virus Hitches Ride On Blood Cells To Kill Cancer'

June 15, 2012
Article Date: 15 Jun 2012 - 2:00 PDT
Written by Catharine Paddock PhD
Copyright: Medical News Today

Scientists have discovered when a cancer-killing virus is injected in the bloodstream it hitches a ride on blood cells and evades attack from the immune system, allowing it to reach cancer tumors, and start destroying cancer cells. They suggest this means it may be possible to use promising "viral therapy" during routine outpatient sessions, like chemotherapy, to treat a wide range of cance...

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May 8, 2012
Over the last few months my husband and I have been regulars at the racquetball court in our local gym.  We have fallen in love with competing against each other on the court.  My favorite part is that for an hour of playing and having fun, I burn close to 800 calories!  This is the equivalent of a meal and a snack throughout my day! Playing racquetball has really helped me burn down the last few pounds I wanted to lose.  You know those last 5 lbs that WILL NOT GO?  It takes more effort for ...

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Kara's Amazing Weight Loss Journey!

May 5, 2012
Guest Article by : Kara Becnel

"My Weight Loss Journey"
Article Written: May 4, 2012
Diet Start Date: 5/2/11
Weight Loss to date: 93lbs  (1 year of weight loss)

Well let me start off by saying, I’m not a writer.  I’m just here to tell my story with the hope that someone will be encouraged and inspired to achieve their goals.  I was always overweight.  I was an overweight child with an overweight family.  We ate.  In 2006 my mom had gastric by-pass surgery and it affected me in ways that I nev...

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April 27, 2012
Guest Post by Brooke Bernard

     *You can find more great articles by Brooke at

"I will never forget the moment an occupational therapist mentioned to me as I sat in her office with my overly sensitive, unnaturally emotional and – let’s just say it – difficult 3-year-old that perhaps artificial food dyes might be causing some of his “issues.” In my own 32 years, it had really never occurred to me that food had any relationship with behavior or health. Sure...

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Visual Reminder About Sugar

April 12, 2012
Let this be a reminder that it is okay to let the kids drink Kool-Aid instead of soda sometimes. Wow!  Of course Water is the best, but other than water....  Kool-Aid is a great next choice, just not the Jim Jones or modern media variety of course.  What you choose to drink it really important though.  Most people do not realize they could drop 5-10 lbs quickly by just cutting out the constant dosing of sugar via drinking sodas all day long.  For me, it's not so much soda as it is highly swee...

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March 26, 2012
  1. Apples contain antioxidants that help protect “good” HDL cholesterol levels in the blood.
  2. Avocados are densely packed with anti-inflammatory, healthy fats. Well-known for its vitamin E content, an important antioxidant.
  3. Beets are potent antioxidants with liver-protective properties.
  4. Blueberries (and blackberries) are rich in anthocyanins—these phytonutrients have power. They can reduce inflammation, increase detoxifying enzymes in the liver, and stop cancers from creating their own lifelin...

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February 29, 2012
Did you know that cocoa has been used throughout history as folk medicine? Cocoa consumption is associated with decreased blood pressure, improved blood vessel health, and improvement in cholesterol levels. Eric L. Ding, PhD. Of Harvard Medical School says that apparent health benefits of cocoa come from polyphenolic flavonoids in cocoa that have the potential to prevent heart disease. You may say, well what is that? Flavonoids are antioxidants that are commonly found in fruits, vegetables, t...

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February 8, 2012
I recently started taking Silver Biotics for a sore throat.  The pain in my throat bothered me for about a week and after only one day of Silver Biotics, the sore throat disappeared.  It has been a week and it has never come back so I consider this to be a success.  I have been taking a little bit each day for maintenance health.  We had a Super Bowl party and had a few friends over last Sunday.  During the party one person had a cold and after the party three new people had come down with a ...
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February 2, 2012
I have had a very sorefor about a week and I decided to order the Silver Biotics because even though my youngest daughter's fever had gone away her ears were still bothering her (undoubtedly another ear infection....or the same one and we just couldn't get rid of it...anyway..)She has this habit of getting a fever for a few days, then the fever goes away and about 4 days later she has a full blown awful ear infection with a inconsistent fever.  So I ordered it because I found it on sale at a ...
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January 25, 2012
Yep, they were right!  They were all right, and I never doubted they would be really, but I hoped they wouldn't be.  I'm talking about all those older people when I was much younger who told me that one day I wouldn't be able to pig out like I did back then or not ever think about my weight or health.  As you get older, it is true, your metabolism is going to slow down and weight will creep on, especially if you have children but even men experience the same result of aging.  But I have learn...
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January 12, 2012
I'm not a health food nut.  I don't eat weird things most people have never heard of, not that I wouldn't, but I just don't make my whole life about what I eat or how I look.  BUT I do appreciate anything that keeps a promise, especially big promises. 
For a few years now I have been seeing something on our local health food store shelf called Silver Biotics.  I haven't bought it yet, but I think I will next week.  See we don't have health insurance in our home.  It costs too much to pay for ...
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