Today was a hot day in eastern North Carolina.  It is the third day of May and suddenly we go from a wonderfully cool spring to a super hot almost summer.  Mid to upper 90's today is a bit hotter than usual, but it happens sometimes.  It is always tough on a newly sprouting garden though.  It is always good to water gardens in the morning hours, that way the water has time to sink into the soil instead of evaporate out of the first layer of dirt and the plants leaves can dry in the sunlight which helps to prevent disease.  Watering at night will only help the slug population grow as it is easier for them to slither around and eat in the garden.  One of the things I deal with the most are slugs and squirrels.  Oh those pesky squirrels.  God made them cute because if He didn't we would have eradicated them from the planet already.
And we have a large number of them in Elm City.  The city of trees is the perfect place for squirrels and their leaping pleasures, but they tear up everyone's gardens too.  This must be heaven for them.  They even have the added joy of terrorizing the dog without any punishment.  I stepped outside the afternoon to check the garden and what did I find??  I see a little Eastern Gray Carolina Squirrel enjoying the LAST tender tiny Ocra stalk left in the garden.  And I started that little plant from a seed!  Oh it made me so mad.  I let our Jack Russell, Snickerz, out on him but she is almost 12 years old.  She can't do much.  The little squirrel has eaten half the strawberries in my strawberry garden and that is no small feat. since the strawberry garden is about 100 square feet of berries!!  The squirrels have also eaten several of my rose buds and had torn up several of my squash seedling today too.  What have I don't to deserve this? :)  Well, tomorrow I begin to seek out something to deter the squirrels or everything in my garden will soon be gone!  I suppose I will pick up a few squash plants and Ocra plants to transplant the lost few.  The rest of the week will be in the 90's so we're off to the beach this Saturday.  Watch out my little squirrel 'friends'.  You're dining days are about to end! :)