When my husband finally built up the nerve to ask for our first date, I embarrassed myself.  I didn't know it right away, but I embarrassed myself.  He stammered several times when asking me if I would like to go out on a date with him.  Although this was 12 years ago and I was much less mature then, I actually didn't notice that he stammered.  I was only playing with him when I asked him what he said which forced him to ask me again.  I knew what he had said, I was just flirting.  So he stammered and asked again.  And I asked him what he said again, causing him to ask a third time.  He paused for a minute thinking I was making fun of him and said, "....nevermind."  He started to walk away and I said, "What, no I am just playing with you...  of course I would like to go on a date with you."

He smiled and a few nights later we went on our first date.  After he picked me up for our date we were talking in the car on the way to the restaurant and it was then that I realized that he had a speech disorder.   Immediately my heart sank.  Not because he had a disorder, but because I had been so terribly insensitive, ignorant or not, of what he had to overcome just to speak to me at all.  It even brings tears to my eyes now because since then my love for him has grown exponentially.  I knew that stuttering can be a severe disadvantage.  My niece had a very strong stutter and I had seen what it took for her to deal with that disorder over the years.  What I unintentional jerk I had been.  Well, I immediately apologized to him and expressed sincere regret in the way I played without knowing.  I have been so careful since then to teach my children about the proper way to accept or decline a boys offer or compliment.  It takes a great deal of courage to tell a girl that she is pretty or to ask someone out for a date.  It is a moment of vulnerability.  The least we could do is reciprocate a kind gesture with a kind gesture.  Some kinds of etiquette are very necessary.  A gracious "no thank you" or a simple "yes, I would like that."  There just is no reason to handle it any other way.