As much as I had hoped my youngest daughter, Willow, would grow out of some of her speech issues, I now realize that she has a speech disorder and in order to help her I have to be able to admit it.  Some days are better than others and some times she will regress and have difficulty completing her sentences.  Just recently I noticed her changing which words she chooses to use when speaking.  Last week, out of frustration, she just stopped mid-sentence and said, " never mind." My heart sank, deflated and just fell out completely.  This isn't right, this isn't fair!  Why does she have to deal with this?  Are other kids going to make fun of her?  What's her life going to be like?  Inside I am throwing a fit and screaming.  But as we always say in the Branstetter home, why not me?  When is it fair? Should other people deal with things like this and not us?  No, this is the lot that we have been given and we trust God in the good things and in the uncomfortable things.  Life isn't fair.  Life isn't comfortable.  Life isn't easy for anyone. So here is what I decided.  She has a disorder, but it doesn't have to 'have' her.  We have a mountain to climb and I will help her in as many different ways as possible.  Armed with knowledge and hope, we'll get through this and it will not hold her back in life.  The reason I can say this with so much confidence is that I am determined to help her overcome regardless of how hard it might be at times.  We can do all things through Christ Who gives us strength.
I met with a friend of mine last night and she told me something that I wholeheartedly believe.  "It is our job as parents to help our children know God and show God in this world."  This stuttering disorder is not a road block, it will be a step. The Lord guides our steps in life and those who assume their steps are more easily seen than those who hide in corners.  We are determined that God's power will be perfect in our weaknesses.  This is why we will overcome.  I hope that if you are reading this and your child has some kind of disorder or any kind of difficulty at this time in their life, you will be encouraged to remember there is nothing you cannot overcome if you will trust God and determine yourself to overcome it.  It may be hard and it may take a long time, but if you will stay with it, not give up, you will overcome.  Whatever the task is, you can handle it, you can overcome it, and there is no time better than right now to start wearing it down.