So Saturday afternoon, Willow decides she is no longer a human being, but wants to be a little monkey.  I am laying down in the bedroom trying to rest off an impending headache and Mike is playing on his drum set.  All of a sudden we hear Zoe screaming!!!  That kind of scream that tells you something IS WRONG!  So we both run into the living room and Mike takes Willow tot he bathroom because she is bleeding like crazy from her face. :(  I start finding out exactly what happened from Zoe.  Willow has climbed on the side table beside the lazy boy and climbed up the window to hang from the curtain rod (she saw this on a full house episode btw) and scoot back and forth on the rod like a monkey on the monkey bars. 
Obviously the curtain rod cannot hold her weight so it breaks from the wall, she falls backwards and bangs the side of her face on the top of the curio television cabinet and plummets to the floor on her back knocking the side table over on her way down (scraping her leg) and the table falls over on top of her.  It is a very light little table so not a problem there. This is the best I can say since we didn't see it as it happened and I am piecing together Will's story and Zoe's story which seem a little at odds.  Mike notices that her mouth is bleeding on the inside and she has what looks like a puncture on the outside.  So we were afraid she hit the corner of the cabinet so hard it went right through.   We were about to take her to the emergency room, but the inside of her mouth quickly stops bleeding and everything seems fine. She used an ice pack for a bit Saturday evening. She washed with salt water and we put ointment on the outside of her face where the small cut is through Sunday.  Her face is very swollen and this morning she is going to see her doctor to make sure there is no infection.  It is possible that she hit the corner so hard that it injured the outside of her cheek and the inside of her cheek or that it could have slightly gone through?  I don't know, please pray for her this morning that she has a good experience with the doctor.  Her lip is a little swollen on that side too and she has a hard time opening her mouth very wide from the swelling.  Hope there is no infection and it is just swelling taking awhile to pass....  Pray for her this morning if you will.  Thank you!!   (......  my mother told me I would have one like me one day.....ugh)