We've reached another milestone and I love this one!  My daughter, Zoe, has turned 10 years old and she is learning to cook.  She started out making a chocolate cream pie from a kit in a box from the grocery store.  It was very very delicious.  It was too delicious; like adding weigh to my hips delicious.  so after I devoured the second pie I realized I needed to show her something else.  She has since learned to responsibly use the oven and the stove.  She makes Ramen noodles, and boiled eggs and last Saturday she cooked breakfast for all of us!  She cooked french toast using the griddle.  Her daddy helped her learn how to flip the toast and I gave her a list of instructions which she followed step by step.  Can I just take a quick moment to say, Thank You Lord!!  Ha-ha.  The best part of letting her help and even be in charge in the kitchen is the confidence boost I have seen in her.  She really loves it.  She can't get enough of it.  I have since taught her that she has to clean up behind herself when she is cooking because leaving the kitchen clean afterwards is a part of preparing dinner.  It just has to be done so she cleans up.  If you have a 10 year old or responsible enough child and they haven't yet been able to do something all by themselves for the family like this, maybe give it a try, because she is so proud of herself and has so much more confidence since she has been cooking in the kitchen.  She didn't have problem with confidence but now she feels she has a talent and is really good at something that she can clearly say, "I'm good at cooking."  And I'm glad she feels like she is really good at something specific.  And when we sit down to eat something she has prepared she just glows!