The girls went for a bike ride with my husband, Mike, this evening.  They do this just about everyday.  We use to go as a family everyday but I haven't been able to go due to my pregnancy and now we are waiting for Jakob to be old enough to ride in the buggy.  I look forward to riding as a family again.  I am missing our long bike rides.  When they came back the girls had a handful of sunflowers they picked for me.  There are several tobacco fields around here with those lovely weeds growing up in them.  So after we had pancakes for dinner I prepared all of the items Willow needed for her tea party. 

She made invitations today so we needed a pot of hot water, cookies, cups, honey, and several varieties of tea.  Everything is ready to go.  The best part of being in a family is the time we spend together and the little things we do for each other that say, "I love you."