Pumpkin Patch
Created By: Clelle Gustin
Time to Do: 1 hour - 8 hours
Level: Intermediate

You are sure to have a happy holiday with this huggable pumpkin patch.  This would make a great center piece for the upcoming fall, for mantle decor or even for gift giving. 


Any of the Knifty Knitter looms and hook (The size will dictate the amount of time required to create the pumpkin)
Use any orange yarn: samples use Lion Brand "Boucle" and Red Heart orange for the 2 large sizes and 3 strands of yarn of Red Heart orange

for the 2 small sizes. Be creative and use yarns of your choice.
Use any green. Sample uses Lion Brand "Boucle'? and Red Heart green together to make the stems and leaves.
Use buttons or felt for the faces.


1. Pumpkin Body -- Use 2 or 3 strands of yarn to knit your pumpkins.
2. Make them all different sizes*, tall or short by the number of rows you want to knit. Run a piece of yarn through all of the loops on the loom and pull tight (this is the bottom). --*(the size of pumpkin and number of rows will directly effect the time required to complete each pumpkin.)
3. Make sure that you have a long enough piece left to pull up to the top of the pumpkin.
4. Using the yarn needle thread with yarn and pick up the first loops of the piece and pull up, but do not tie.
5. Use craft stuffing and fill up the body of the pumpkin.
6. Do not over-fill the bodies. Tie the top off and pull up the yarn, running through the middle of the pumpkin.
7. Stem and Leaf -- The leaf and stem can be made all together. Starting at the tip of the leaf, wrap on one loop and then add one stitch on each of the next 6 rows.
8. Work even on these stitches for 4 rows. Start taking off stitches on the first of the next 4 rows.
9. Knit even on the 3 stitches for 4 rows. Add 3 stitches on the next 2 rows and knit even on these 10 stitches for 14 rows.
10. Cut the yarn that you are winding with about 20'? and thread on yarn needle.
11. Run the yarn through the loops on the pegs and sew up the sides of the stem.
12. Stuff with a bit of stuffing and sew to the top of the pumpkin. Secure the leaf to the pumpkin.
13. Face -- Use a hot glue gun to add buttons for mouth, nose, and eyes.