New throw pillows for the sofa and love seat can change the look of a living room.  It's easier than you may think to make your own.  I picked up a printed duck fabric that I thought would go well with my sofa and living room colors from Hobby Lobby.  Two yards of fabric made four 18"x18" throw pillows.  I did not sew zippers into these simply because they will wash well on delicate in the washer as they are so I felt no need to add the extra steps.  Here are the steps I took.

  • I measured the pillows I already had and found them to be 18"x18".  I planned to reuse the stuffing from the old pillows since I would not be reusing those pillows. 
  • I divided 4 equal sections out of 2 yards of printed duck fabric.  I measured approx. 20 inches and cut, then 20 inches and cut, so forth.  I had 4 sections larger enough to sew 18x18 size pillows.
  • Per pillow section, I folded the fabric in half so the "wrong" side of the fabric was showing out.
  • I ironed the fabric flat in half and used a fabric marking pen to mark the four corners of an 18x18 pillow on the fabric.
  • I used a yard stick to connect my markings so I could sew nice straight lines.  There is probably a better way to do this, but I am self taught when it comes to sewing so I use common sense and take extra time to make the patterns straight.
  • I pin the two layers of fabric together along the marked lines about every 8 inches.  Then I began to sew along the lines.  I kept one side of the pillow completely open and back stitched the beginning and end of my stitching. 
  • I turned the fabric inside out (to reveal the "right" side of the fabric) and removed the filling from my old pillows to add to the new pillow cover.  I folded the edges inside of the last open side and ironed the seam folded in flat.  You may want to do this before adding the stuffing. (I did.)
  • I pinned the flat corners of the seam together so it would make it easier to sew through the machine.
  • Try to push some of the stuffing back from the seam so it will be easier to sew through the machine.
  • I sewed the edge shut remembering to back stich the beginning and end stitches so they would not unravel over time.

Voila!  The pillows were complete!  Here are a few before and after pictures.  It brightens up the living room and I like the fabric much better.

This new fabric really gave the whole room a lighter feel with the lighter colors.

New throw pillows can make a huge difference!