Personal Disclosure

All of the information you find somewhere on this website is my own or has been posted with my consent and agreement with those who created the information.  I began this website as a personal outlet to both enjoy the things that interest me and to share these things with others.  Because I share these things free of charge with you I also include some advertising on some of my pages as a way to bring income to my family and into my ministry for the time I spend creating these articles for you to read.  Every opinion I write here is my own personal opinion and I promise to always be honest with you about what I believe.  You may or may not appreciate what I believe at times but I will always be honest about who I am here.  This particularly pertains to my ministry page.  I believe that the Bible is God's perfect Word for us and I base my faith and beliefs from it entirely and that will be seen in my posts on that page.  At times I will not be considered politically correct or tolerant simply because I will side with scripture on issues.  That doesn't mean I am intolerant it simply means I will not be moved from my biblical faith and I believe that what the Bible tells us is more accurate and more important than what people find to be modern or socially acceptable.  I will always tolerate people of different beliefs but their beliefs will not be the basis for mine.  Of all my gifts and callings in life, the one to preach the gospel and make disciples is the only one that matters eternally, so I take that very seriously.  I want to be spiritually acceptable and I hope to help others strive for that eternal virtue as well. 

When I include advertising on any of my pages, it is because I find it useful for you and at times I may even create an article for an advertisement, but that is only because I find the product to be useful to you.  I never recommend anything to anyone that I don't first appreciate the value of myself.  I do not create articles recommending products simply to sell them to you.  I don't like sites that do that any more than you do.  I appreciate those who click on the ads and links and make purchases through them because they help to support not only my interests but also my family and my Christian ministry outreaches.  I may at times post things that don't work for you.  I am not a consultant or doctor or financial adviser.  I am simply sharing the things in my life that work for me and have brought me joy or ease in some way and I hope they can do that for you as well.  It is important for you to do your own research before deciding to do something based on something I've posted.

God bless you.  I do hope you enjoy this website and find something that blesses you in some way.  Thank you for visiting here. 
Julie Branstetter

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