Have you ever met someone who absolutely despised, hated the mention of the name of Jesus Christ? Have you ever wondered what you could possibly say to them that would make any difference? There are so many individual things you COULD discuss with them and probably spend hours upon hours fruitlessly debating.... but unless their motivation is disarmed it will never amount to anything. Their motivation will always go back to a desire not to be humble to anything. To have an excuse to blame provides an excuse to reject. It is the very heart of rejecting Jesus Christ. Here is what you can do. ONE question is all you need to remember. NO matter what their answer to you is (and they will always have one or many) you respond with the same question. "What exactly has Jesus Christ ever done to you to cause you to hate Him?" They will bring up some other Christian or some church or some negative idea of faith in fairy tales, and you COULD try to explain why your faith is not in fairy tales. You COULD do that if you can remember the daily scientific discoveries that disprove every atheistic/Anti-Christ claim. You COULD do that though and it still wouldn't disarm the motivation for their hatred for Christ. But asking that one question hits at the heart of that hatred. THEY CANNOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION JUSTIFIABLY. Pilate couldn't even answer the question justifiably. "Then said Pilate to the chief priests and to the people, I find no fault in this man." Luke 23:4 .... They will try, but every excuse will actually be the fault of another person or some man made idea or some misunderstanding... The more you respond with, "But that wasn't Jesus, that was <insert church name, parents, some un-renewed Christian they are blaming, etc...>" then ask your question again, the more disarmed they become. They may even leave you feeling angry at you, but they now have a question echoing in their minds like the one Saul/Paul heard as he was vehemently casting blame. "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" (Acts 26:14) They will attempt to distract you and even claim that He never existed or that he was never resurrected, but His existence is proven even among those who do not believe Him to be the Savior and His resurrection was witnessed among huge numbers of people from all different walks of life and places so it is reasonable and reliable. It is only a tactic to desperately put you in a place to answer their questions to get you off the question they cannot answer; why they hate Him so much. But you must insist on an answer to that question. You can agree to find an answer to any question they want to ask you if they will first agree to justifiably answer this one question, "What exactly has Jesus Christ done to you to cause you to hate Him?" They will leave remembering this question and the Holy Spirit is the one that draws the sinner to Jesus.