There were several verses that jumped out at me over the first 12 pages of the new reading schedule but one that brought me to tears was when God looked on people and regretted having created them because of their wickedness and sin. That just filled me with sadness. To imagine God, our creator, who loves without end looking upon sinful man and wishing he had never made us. Can you imagine just how bad it had to have really been for God to feel that way. And it paints a picture of God that is sometimes neglected. He's is a Spirit, but He is also more than a Spirit. He is human but He is also more than human. He is the basis and intent and will of all that exist and yet He is more than that. And then in just a few verses we see a side of God that is so tender and understandable. It can prick your heart to know that we have all been the culprit of causing that pain in Him at some point because all have sinned and fallen from His glory. What it must do to the Lord to see man in sin especially now that Christ has been given. We shouldn't merely turn from sin because sin itself is so bad; we should turn from sin because of our deep and profound love for God. I am very loyal to my husband, not because I should be, but because I love him so much the thought of hurting him hurts me. The thought of him being disappointed in me or being hurt by me is more than I can bare. When we can live right before God FOR THAT REASON then we've hit the nail on the head. Then our devotion comes from a place of pure love and our religion is more than legal passage, but a compelling natural instinct as from one who loves with a Godly kind of love.