Want to GROW in GRATITUDE? Try practicing this. The next time you're dealt a nasty blow in life, the next time things aren't smooth or don't work out just like you planned, (this will be tomorrow by the way) :) take a moment to stop and find something about that situation for which to be thankful. Find the silver lining. It is easy to love those who love us. We grow in love when we practice loving those who are hard to love. It is easy to have joy and rejoice when things are going well, we grow in joy when we choose to rejoice in less comfortable circumstances. When we find the silver lining and dwell on those things then we will find consistent contentment in life. The same is easy for growing a spirit of gratitude. It is easy to be thankful for the comforts and blessings in life, but can we look at our life lessons and even our suffering and say, "but for this I am thankful because...." THAT is when we grow in gratitude and character. :)