I have been picking squash and zucchini and SNAP BEANS and tomatoes and lettuce and green peppers and carrots. Soon I will have corn and potatoes and pesto from the basil. I will be pulling out garlic and making salsa from the tomatoes and cilantro. I'll have butter beans and okra and cucumber for the salads. It is so much fun to reap after the work of planting. And even more enjoyable to put those foods on my table and hear my precious family joyfully reap from something they hardly toiled over. When God calls us more than conquerors, He's really setting a table and placing on it the rewards from every battle He has fought for us on it. He lays out healing, and redemption and peace and joy. He fills our glasses with a holy Godly love and our plates with the bread of Truth. We walked with Him in the garden, but His Son did the work. Jesus hung on the cross, died and was buried to rise again on the third day as the Victor of all our struggles. Sin has no power over us anymore and He has carried us to this table where we can freely sit down and enjoy the fruit of His labor. All we need to do is receive it with joy and gratitude and give Him honor. It is good to be His family. It is good to be His child. That is not to say we have no responsibilities, but what God is giving to us no man could have secured on his own. ‪#‎RememberingMephibosheth‬