The Reliability of Scripture
Genesis to Revelations Series

Evidence demonstrating the Bible's truth and reliability is its unparalleled unity and consistency in the face of its great diversity of content and authorship. This clearly points to the Bible's divine origin. This is something man has never been able to reproduce on his own no matter how well orchestrated the attempts might have been. Look at these facts about the Bible and then we will draw one amazing conclusion.

1. The entire Bible was written over a 1500 year span,
2. written over 40 generations,
3. written by 40 different authors from every walk of life including kings, peasants, philosophers, fishermen, poets, statesmen, scholars, etc... (examples: Moses a university trained political leader, Peter was a fisherman, Amos was a herdsman, Joshua was a military general, Nehemiah was a cup bearer, Daniel was a prime minister, Luke was a doctor, Solomon was a king, Matthew was a tax collector and Paul was a Rabbi and Pharisee.)
4. was written in different places (Moses wrote in the wilderness, Jeremiah in a dungeon, Daniel on a hillside and in a palace, Paul inside prison walls, Luke while traveling, John on the isle of Patmos and others in the rigors of a military campaign)
5. was written at different times (David in times of war, Solomon in times of peace)
6. written by people in different moods ( some writing from the heights of joy and others writing from the depths of sorrow and despair)
7. written on 3 SEPARATE CONTINENTS, Asia, Africa and Europe!
8. was written in 3 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek) These were not translations from originals, they were THE original languages by different peoples at different times in a long span of history.
9. Biblical authors spoke on hundreds of controversial subjects with HARMONY AND CONTINUITY from Genesis to Revelation. There has always been and is one consistent unfolding story over the spread of all these authors who mostly did not ever even know one another or read one anothers writings; God's redemption of man!

To appreciate the significance of all this data in terms of evidence for the divine inspiration of the Bible, consider this illustration. Think about this. I call 10 church students together to write a short essay on a controversial subject such as the death penalty, whether the Iraqi war was justified, on whether abortion should be legal or whether homosexuality is a sin. When the students complete the assignment will I be able to take all 10 of those essays, combine them into one single book and find that every contributor in the book support and complement each other? Will the viewpoints (that being all there were) of the essayist totally agree? Will there be any contradictions? Certainly you know there would be. We've seen this theory tested over and over by passing a secret around a room full of people. Eventually the secret becomes a huge distortion and that is in only a short period of time. Would these 10 essays agree? Even though all 10 of the essayist speak the same language, live in the same culture, live during the same time period in history and practice the same religion, THEY STILL WILL DISAGREE? Why? Because their papers were written from their own viewpoints, their own interpretations and their own understandings. This is what naysayers claim is wrong with the Bible, but wait! With even greater reason to contradict and disagree, IT DOESN'T AT ALL. The fact that it has no reasonable reason to agree so completely and yet it does proves that it has been inspired by only one with only one meaning and true interpretation. These varied writers of the Biblical texts were unknowingly in complete agreement all throughout history. Why? Because their writings were inspired by only ONE and He who knows all things and sees beginning to end. The Bible is God's story and God's explanation to us. The Bible covers hundreds of topics. Forty authors on three continents wrote it during a 1500 year period using three languages. Yet all 66 books of the Bible perfectly agree. There is complete harmony and unity, no conflicting accounts of what happened, no differences of opinion over controversial subjects or incidences. There have been slight incidences brought up that appeared to contradict, but when they are looked up properly every single incident is found to agree topically and perspective. There are no disagreements. The odds of that are impossible. The Bible is truly inspired by God, is infallible and reliable. It's the only trustworthy foundation for which we should base our beliefs and morals.