"A good man will obtain favor from the LORD, But He will condemn a man who devises evil." Proverbs 12:2 ------It sounds simple but for someone who cannot discern well between what is good (worldly standards) and what is Godly (more highly preferred), it might not be so clear and the wrong choices lead to unpleasant consequences.  You can't work iniquity and then run from it and expect it not to catch up with you.   

I would rather suffer the pain of a thousand heart breaks than to receive the wages due for causing them.  That is why Jesus tells us to pray for those who use and mistreat us.  Your pain will produce good fruit but the fruit that comes from selfish labor is bitter and hard to bear.  It lasts much longer than the former.  We reap from what we sow and when we reap from something we did not sow ourselves, God works that for our good.  An undeniable form of disbelief is to do evil, call it good and then think God will bless it.  I have seen too many people do this over and over again just to regret it later.  Not everything we reap in life comes from something we have sown (read the book of Job), but scripture is clear that everything we sow we will reap.  Negative circumstances beyond our control are an opportunity to sow good things into bad situations.  So that, what was meant for evil to you, God will turn for good.  Our response to people who use us and mistreat us is the seed we sow.  Jesus said to pray for your enemies not just for their benefit but so that when it is time to reap, your harvest can be turned for good.  (Job sowed faith in pain and, when the time was right, he received double for all that he lost)     

My husband is a quiet and patient person.  I have always respected how measured a person is he.  He's always said that you can learn the same lesson from another person's mistake that you can learn from making it yourself.  Some mistakes you should not have to make yourself.  There's enough of it going around.  Just pay attention and listen.  Learn from other people's mistakes.  Stand back and watch and learn what not to do.  And just pray about everything else that is delivered your way regardless of the intentions behind it.