Have you ever found yourself like Job, "sitting in the ashes"? If you haven't you will. Everyone has a seat in the ashes one day and most of us have already been there a time or two. Let me encourage you with some information. Ashes are an indication that something has burned down and is over, but there is something also very unique about them and if we will choose to set our mind on what they stand for we can get through with victory. Ashes act as a fertilizer and a cleanser. Where ashes fall to the ground there is a place that is being prepared already from something new to come up. Ashes make great compost ingredients because where something is dying something is also coming to life at the same time. When you find yourself "in the ashes" remember that there is a time for mourning but there is also a time to stand up and start over and move on because out of those ashes comes a new beginning and a new thing. SHOUT OUT FROM THE ASHES!! Also, many people do not realize that one of the components of soap making is lye which is basically water that has been mixed with ash. The ash creates the STRONG BASE in the water so that when mixed with the melted fat (like animal fat, vegetable fat, etc..) creates a WHOLE NEW SUBSTANCE called soap. Soap cleanses! So when you have become a sacrifice and all you have has melted down into the ASHES, remember that the last step is for you to take that seat in the ashes and WATCH AND WAIT. The Living Water of God is coming to wash you and you are already in the rebirth process. You are becoming something new, something more refined and powerful in God's hand!! When you SEE the ashes know that bigger and better things are SOON coming!!! They are right there, about to happen!! Weeping may last for a night, but JOY comes in the morning!!!! Today will be better than yesterday!! Have a blessed day today! ♥