It is not that I believe God is good because He is my Savior. I believe God is my Savior because He is good. It is not that I believe God is good because of my healing, I believe God is my healer because He is good. When I know that He "does" because He "is" rather than believe that He "is" because He "does", I can say He is good whether I am healed or not. He is good whether I suffer or rejoice. God's goodness is the BEGINNING of everything that He has become to me. Now I can say, "Rejoice oh my soul, I know Him! Not just WHAT He has done, but WHO He IS!" I needn't run from the cloud by day and the fire by night, or stand afar from the mount because I know that He is more than parted waters and more than bread in my wandering. HE IS GOOD!!! Despite the suffering and pain that man has brought into the world through sin, God is good because He became sin to destroy it. When I look at the world and see the destruction of innocence I must also see a God who gave His own child to it to stop it. Never will I ask again, "Where was God?" MY FRIEND, HE WAS ON THE CROSS, THAT IS WHERE HE WAS! And He saying to this dark world, "If you must rage in your sin, then rage against MY SON because that will be the last time you have excuse to do it." There are no excuses now. No one can blame Him. So now the work is left to us that know Him, to spread the gospel, which is the power to destroy sin. If suffering and pain exist, and it does, it is because we do not destroy it with this gift He has given us, to spread the gospel, to be the dispensation of Grace in this earth, the hands and the feet. He did the ultimate to put an end to the worst, now what will you do with knowing that ‪#‎ItIsYourMove‬. I have never trembled more than now, the moment I realize this... God, take me ‪#‎deeper‬.