I live by faith and not by sight. If the word says it, I believe it. I do not let the things I see in this natural passing world tell me what to believe, I believe the impossible looking, miracle requiring things God has said is true. Why? Because I know Him to be everything He has said He is and God is not a liar. If He said I can do all things and yet I do not, it is not His doing that I have not done all things. I cannot truthfully blame Him, it was me! I am not separate from my Savior now, He doesn't just walk with me sometimes. I don't just come into the presence of the Lord. He lives in you!! He does His magnificent works in and through you! I get so so tired of Christians making exceptions to what they believe because of something that happened to them or something they heard about. That is living by sight and living in fear. Do you live in the world? Yes! Until we pass or Jesus comes, there will be trouble. All kinds of trouble, all kinds! And it won't be kind fun trouble or kinda painful once in awhile, it's real trouble. It hurts, it lingers, it feels like it will break a persons back sometimes, but yet, you will endure it and the real question is, will you endure it with the strength of Christ or will you keep trying to do it on your own? You cannot do it on your own. But Christ will do it with you if you just follow Him. Jesus said there will be trouble, but that trouble is not supposed to dictate to you what you will believe. #ThinkLikeHim #LoveHimWithYourMindHeartandBody