Our purpose in life is the same.  Determined by the One who created us, it is to build and glorify God and His Kingdom in which one can only obtain access through Christ alone, who was God's choice through which salvation came. For whatever purpose He chose to become one of us and die on our behalf was His lovely choice. Do not confuse our 'purpose' with 'God's plan' for each of us. A purpose is a reason.  A plan is a schematic; a road map.  God's plan for how each of us will fulfill our singular purpose (being of one body) is intricately different (being one body yet made of many members and varying gifts) and so comes with many turns and twists. We enter in and exit out of situations and relationships all throughout our lives for good reason. Even the unpleasant things and mistakes are turned and used for good for those who love the Lord. What then have we to fear, who have pure hearts and clean hands? Even in our weaknesses God's power makes us victorious. Every turn and twist has purpose propelling us toward our singular (as one body) purpose which is to build and glorify Him and His Kingdom. Follow without fear for God is truly able!