I have always known that my husband had a pastoral heart.  I told him before he could believe it but he is believing it now.  God shows us things a little at a time.  A friend of ours is having surgery tomorrow.  I mentioned it to him before our Christmas program at church last week and before the holidays and told him I thought we should go by and pray with them before the surgery.  You know as well as I do how the holidays and all it's chaos can eat up time and even cause you to forget things; important things.  Her surgery is tomorrow.  While eating dinner my husband stops, drops his fork in his plate and says, "Ahhh.....  "  He dropped his head and I heard him say, "I meant to do that..."  He then reminds me, "Susan's surgery is tomorrow.  I have to go by there now."  He gets up, puts on his coat and out the door he went to pray and speak healing over her.  They were all three in tears as they prayed together.  It blessed them to know they were loved, not forgotten, and her heart was calmed knowing they did not stand before the Lord asking alone.  He apologized to her for not coming sooner but she said, "This is when I needed it the most!"  You know the night before something important the enemy attempts to set a seed of fear or doubt inside of you.  I understand what she meant.  How easy would it have been to have said, "Well, it's late, I forgot, I'll just pray when I go to bed, that will be good enough."  The work we are called to do for others is not a duty, it isn't okay to do just enough.  It is a blessing to be called to sacrifice something so that to others something can be added.  Mike pushed his meal away and went out in the cold rain to find her and her husband to pray.  She was added to spiritually and so was her husband.  This is the heart God showed me in my husband before he even knew it about himself.  A pastoral heart, a heart that follows after the example of Christ.  It's the heart God is forming in every one of us as we submit to His work.  Yes, I married this man as quickly as I could.  LOL!  They don't come around like this much anymore.  I pray for all the single ladies; God will send one to you, wait for him.  But what did that also speak to me?  What did it remind me?  I know what my spiritual gifts are and I rest until God opens doors for them to be used.  I like to see Him lifted up and not myself.  I've been lifted up, that gets very old and it becomes a chore.  I love to sing and praise the Lord, thank the Lord for that gift.  Speaking in tongues blesses me, I thank God for that gift.  I thank God for them all but if I had to choose only one it would be to ALWAYS have a Word for others from God in and out of season; to be equipped to prophesy in every situation.  Those are the moments that I relish.  To walk close enough to Him to always be tender to hear His direction and follow it in blessing others.  #DesireEarnestlyToProphesy