I pray this for you and for myself.  Do not cast away your confidence in the Lord.  You have a great deal more strength being in Christ than you may ever realize.  Declare and stand on God's grace to you today.  Maybe you don't feel victorious, but stand on the truth of it and it will take your life over and you will live in amazement of God's glory from day to day, from glory to glory.

God goes before me and behind me, not one haughty thing, thought or person can touch me. He is in me and all around me. Nothing in this world can defeat Him, nothing in this world will defeat me. My will is His Will. He comes first and makes everything that matters to me fall exactly in it's perfect place. Everything that rises up against me, He will lay low! I am not fragmented! He is my glue and with Him I have not just been "put back together" but I am a completely new creature created in His goodness and by His grace and I believe it by faith! The world rejected Him and the world will reject me, but I will inherit the Kingdom of God. Praise be to my Jesus who saved my soul and to God who has received me even in my greatest brokenness. There is no god greater than my God. My God was FIRST and my God WILL BE LAST and no wagging tongue can change it! None of these things in this world and none of these people who stand against me move me, I will press forward in Jesus name and I am more than a conqueror; I am the receptor of the reward! Hallelujah, may the same be said for and by you today, tomorrow and forever!! AMEN!!