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by Julie Branstetter, Th.B. Welcome to my ministry blog. I graduated seminary at Nashville Theological Seminary in 2008, where I received my Bachelor of Theology. My outreach ministry beyond my local church is Kingdom Covenant Ministries. KCM was chartered in 2008 through the National Association of Christian Ministers. My husband and I are currently participating in the Church of God Callings and Ministries Studies Program. My husband and I have ministered worship, preached and taught the gospel in churches and other places. My family worships with a beautiful congregation at Farmington Heights Church in Wilson, NC. We help with worship and small groups there. KCM is a Christ focused, teaching and evangelizing ministry. We receive donations regularly to help national and international missions. Various brothers and sisters in ministry in other countries have already received support including Kenya, India, Pakistan, Canada, Israel and also various places within the United States.

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