I sense that someone really needs a word of encouragement this evening, so I will share this by faith that God will speak it to the heart for whom it was meant.  This is when and how the enemy will attack you.  He is like an alligator.  An alligator does not run up on dry land and chase it's prey, it can't run fast, so it waits and watches for its prey to come close to the edge or slip into the water.  Dry land is like a "safe zone" and the water is the dangerous place to be. For you, dry land is like you having faith in GOD's goodness, willingness and ability to be ALL He has ever told you He will be, ALL that you need, sufficient for you at ALL times. This means NOT having a shred of doubt or fear that He will not answer your call. The edge of the water is as the gravitation of temptation to doubt God when times are hard and prayers seem unanswered. The devil is the father of lie's and sometimes the thoughts we have are not our own, but they are lies that spike our fears and feed our doubts; whispered ever so craftily, so not to arouse your suspicions. Your mind is a battlefield. Once you are near the edge of the water, ah ha, you have a tiny little bit of doubt in your heart and that is all it takes. He could reach right up and grab you if he wanted, but the enemy is particularly cruel. He prefers to drown you. That doubt is like a tiny bit of yeast in dough, beware that kind of leavening, it works it's way through the entirety of you. Before long you will trust God so little you will barely pray anymore, you will have slipped into the water. Now the enemy is watching and waiting to kill your faith (it can grow and it can die), to steal the joy of the Lord from your heart, and to destroy you now and forever. Once you are in the water (out of the safe zone of pure faith), then the enemy attacks you, when you are weak, he will drown you. He will use his strength to grab you and roll you over and over in that water (doubt) until you cannot take a breath and you drown in it. Hopelessness. We live by faith, not by sight. How long must we trust and wait for the Lord to answer us? Until. And wait for Him to do what is best, not what you have planned. If you are a believer, you must lean to believe God's Word even when it seems ludicrous and completely out of order with what your eyes are telling you. At the right time, God will reveal Himself in your situation as Truth, the only Truth and the enemy will leave you. The lies will cease. Remove the doubt with a continual confession of faith, do not cast away your confidence, and keep your mind always on the things of the Lord. Fully trust God with all of your heart and He will show you a way out that you haven't even imagined yet. He'll give you wisdom right at the moment you need it. Trust Him! Read James 1:6-8, John 10:10, John 8:44, 2 Cor 5:7, & Hebrews 10:35. Then think about those verses long and hard until they sink right down into your soul. God bless!