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I am happy to receive requests to advertisements.  Advertisements or placed in a side column of a content specific page or link advertisements can be included within posts.  All ads are linked so they will take targeted visitors to your website, promotion, or product quickly and easily.  I charge by the month or year per ad per page (1st of every month) to display your ad on any content specific page on this site.  Content specific pages are all blog pages other than the main home page blog feed.

Those advertising on content specific pages are guaranteed targeted ad exposure to visitors with like interest.  My site has been submitted to all major search engines.  I also have featured articles in other online publications.  I allow guest contributors on this site which opens my reading and consumer audience up to not only my own specific readers but also contributors' readers as well.  For more information about advertising please use the form to contact me below and I will respond as soon as possible.

Affiliate Links

If you are interested in linking affiliate links on any of my pages, please also use the form below and let me know details in the comment box.  Please let me know about your product and where you'd like to connect the links.  Also please include information on commissions/payments and how those are returned.  I am happy to receive affiliate link requests; the more detailed information you can send me the easier it will be for me to consider linking.

Advertising & Affiliate Requests

Which Page Best Fits Your Ad?

All advertising packages are invoiced and paid through Paypal prior to making ad links live. You will receive an email with an invoice and pay link included. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can create one for free at

Length of Exposure?

Your ad must be a clear .JPEG file. You must provide a redirect link with your ad so we can directly link to your page or promotion. Please send it through email to Use your ad title for your email subject line so the ad can be easily and quickly connected with this submission. Once this submission is received and accepted, you will receive an invoice via email. Once you have transmitted funds for the invoice your ad will go live for which period of time you have purchased advertising. If you would like to renew your advertising time, please send us an email requesting to renew your advertisment and we will send you another invoice for a new date range of advertising. If you choose to change the advertisement appearance, please submit using this query form again. It's that quick and simple and in a short period of time many your exposure will increase through our many return viewers.

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